Diet planner: March 28 to April 03

Juliette Kellow
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  • total

    Breakfast 299kcal
    1 serving vanilla cottage cheese, banana & coconut on toast. Plus 1 skinny cappuccino

    Snack 195kcal
    1 skinny cappuccino and 1 peanut butter brownie

    Lunch 463kcal
    Omelette made from 1tsp sunflower oil, ½ small red onion, ½ red pepper, ½ courgette, handful mushrooms, 2 eggs, 1tbsp skimmed milk and 3tbsp grated reduced-fat cheddar. Serve with salad and a 5cm piece granary baguette

    Snack 135kcal
    3 sesame breadsticks with 3tbsp tzatziki

    Dinner 396kcal
    1 serving risotto milanese

  • total

    reakfast 374kcal
    Mix 2 chopped grilled lean bacon rashers with 1 chopped tomato and a handful steamed spinach, then use to top 1 halved and toasted English muffin with 2tsp low-fat spread

    Snack 135kcal
    1 skinny cappuccino and 1 pear

    Lunch 449kcal
    1 serving slow-cooked lamb with Greek salad and 1 small (125ml) glass red or dry white wine

    Snack 80kcal
    A 125g pot fat-free fruit yogurt

    Dinner 431kcal
    1 serving pepper chicken with giant couscous salad

  • total

    Breakfast 288kcal
    6tbsp branflakes with 3 dried dates and skimmed milk

    Snack 175kcal
    1 skinny cappuccino and 15 unsalted almonds

    Lunch 390kcal
    1 granary bagel filled with 3tbsp reduced-fat hummus and 1 grated carrot. Plus 1 apple

    Snack 100kcal
    30g reduced-fat cheese and 3 celery sticks

    Dinner 482kcal
    1 serving prawn & pea pesto pasta. Plus 1 pear

  • total

    Breakfast 421kcal
    A muesli-style mix made from 2tbsp oats, 2tbsp branflakes, 2tsp toasted almonds and 1tbsp raisins, topped with 1 sliced banana and a 170g pot fat-free Greek yogurt

    Snack 95kcal
    1 skinny cappuccino and 1 satsuma

    Lunch 402kcal
    2 servings avocado, smoked trout & baby spinach on toast

    Snack 130kcal
    1 mini wholemeal pitta filled with 1 sliced tomato and 2tbsp tzatziki

    Dinner 450kcal
    1 serving maple-soy beef with udon noodles

  • total

    Breakfast 287kcal
    1 serving egg, mushroom & kale on toast. Plus 1 bowl fruit salad

    Snack 148kcal
    lemon & sultana slice

    Lunch 492kcal
    Salad made from ½ large tin cannellini beans in water (drained), steamed French beans, 3 chopped spring onions, 6tbsp cooked brown rice, ½ small tin pink salmon and 2tbsp tzatziki

    Snack 184kcal
    2tbsp unsalted cashews

    Dinner 384kcal
    1 serving vegetable lasagne. Plus a 125g pot fat-free fruit yogurt

  • total

    Breakfast 370kcal
    5tbsp branflakes with 1 chopped apple, a 170g pot fat-free Greek yogurt and 1tbsp sunflower seeds

    Snack 218kcal
    1 skinny cappuccino and 1 apricot, cranberry & goji berry bar

    Lunch 392kcal
    10cm piece granary baguette filled with 2 slices cooked chicken, 2tsp light mayo, mixed leaves and 1 sliced tomato

    Snack 165kcal
    4tbsp reduced-fat hummus with 1 carrot and ½ red pepper cut into sticks

    Dinner 343kcal
    1 serving fish, potato & courgette tray bake. Plus 1 bowl fruit salad

  • total

    Breakfast 320kcal
    1 slice wholegrain toast with 1tsp low-fat spread and 2 poached eggs. Plus 1 small glass orange juice

    Snack 130kcal
    1 skinny cappuccino and 4 dried apricots

    Lunch 425kcal
    Salad made from 5tbsp cooked wholewheat pasta, ½ small avocado, ½ ball reduced-fat mozzarella, 1 tomato, 1tsp olive oil and balsamic vinegar

    Snack 130kcal
    A 125g pot fat-free fruit yogurt and 1 apple

    Dinner 449kcal
    1 serving slow-cooked pulled beef


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