This dairy-free liquid is made from skinned almonds that are ground finely with water and then filtered to remove solids. It's one of the least-expensive milk options, and its mild nutty taste can enhance post-workout shakes, a bowl of cereal, pureed soups, or even a batch of protein muffins.



Almond milk is free of saturated fat and appealing to calorie-conscious consumers for its low energy count (30-60 calories per cup for unsweetened or original). It's also typically high in vitamin E, both from what's naturally present in almonds as well as what's added by manufacturers.

Acting as an antioxidant to help lessen oxidative damage in the body, higher intakes of vitamin E may help improve brain function and muscle recovery in those who train hard.


As with most other nondairy drinks, almond milk typically contains emulsifiers such as carrageenan, a polysaccharide extracted from seaweed, which are added during the manufacturing process to keep ingredients from separating and improve texture.

However, research suggests that these ingredients might not be so benign: A recent study conducted by researchers at Georgia State University found that emulsifiers have the potential to disrupt the composition of healthy bacteria in the gut, which could contribute to inflammation and weight gain in the long run.1 It's important to note that this study was performed in mice, suggesting more research is needed to determine if consumption of emulsifiers like gums and carrageenan would have the same impact in humans.

Additionally, it's currently unknown how much you'd have to consume to potentially sour your health and six-pack, so there's nothing conclusive to this particular con.

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