6 fitness products we can’t live without

Here at HFG, we’re an active bunch. We like to practice what we preach, after all…

We’ve got yogis, runners and lifters on the team and that means each person has diverse fitness gear needs. We’ve rounded-up each team member’s  desert island fitness item. It’s the one piece of fitness equipment that puts that extra pep in our step.

Screen-Shot-2016-03-03-at-09.47.19Melanie Leyshon, editor

I love yoga – what’s not to like about a class where you get toned and lie down at the beginning and end of every class. As I’m going three times a week, I’ve bought my own comfy yoga mat by Gaiam in a cheery purple. Namaste! 


Liz Atkins, assistant editor

I can’t run without a beat to jog to, but I used to spend more time wiggling my in–ear headphones to stop them falling out than concentrating on my pace, until I discovered Snugs custom-made headphones. Pricey, but worth the investment just to be able to forget about them and focus on my feet…


Rebecca Almond, senior sub editor

I recently invested in a pair of Sweaty Betty Weight Training Gloves – what a game changer they have been! I attend a resistance-training class twice a week, and my palms were becoming increasingly sore and calloused. Now, not only are my hands protected but my grip is improved, too,which is especially helpful when doing the dreaded chin-ups!


Laura Day, editorial assistant

I love the flexibility of working out at home rather than tying myself to gym memberships but instead of making up my own workout routines, I turn to YouTube for inspiration. My favourite channel is by certified fitness instructor Jessica Smith who has hundreds of videos. I can pick and choose workouts based on time, type and intensity, meaning I can always keep things interesting – and motivating!


Hannah Sherwood, marketing executive

I can’t exercise without my super sexy sweatband! I like it as it mops up the sweat, keeps my headphones firmly in place and tucks my ears in. Nike Swoosh Headbands are my all-time favourites.


Kat Silverfield, website assistant

The one piece of fitness gear I can’t live without is the Sweaty Betty Elite Running Belt. I’m not afraid to admit that it looks a bit like an old-school bum bag, but it’s easily the chicest bum bag I’ve ever owned. It’s big enough to fit my clunker of an iPhone 6 Plus and that means I can listen to my favourite podcasts while I run without having to hold my seriously enormous phone in my hand. Listening to interesting content means I’m less bored and will happily run for longer. 

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